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Initialization ๐Ÿ”ฐยค

Although using the docstring and class properties is the recommended way to initialize a chatbot, it is not the only way. In cases were relying on the class docstring and properties is problematic, we allow manually passing the chat arguments to the class constructor.
This takes away from the magic that Declarai provides, but we are aware not everyone may be comfortable with it.

Initialization by passing parametersยค

Let's see how we can initialize a chatbot by passing the system and greeting parameters as arguments.

import declarai

gpt_35 = declarai.openai(model="gpt-3.5-turbo")
class SQLBot:

sql_bot = SQLBot(
    system="You are a sql assistant. You help with SQL queries with one-line answers.",
    greeting="Hello, I am a SQL assistant. How can I assist you today?",

print(sql_bot.send("Tell me your preferred SQL operation"))
> "As an SQL assistant, I don't have a preferred SQL operation. I am here to assist with any SQL operation you need help with."

Next stepsยค

You are welcome to explore our Features section, where you can find the full list of supported features and how to use them.